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Oh noes! Not an MIE vintage pattern! - Time Warp Tailors

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October 19th, 2005

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11:44 pm - Oh noes! Not an MIE vintage pattern!
While cutting out pieces for a vintage pattern blouse (from an old skirt, no less!) I realized something...

...it felt like opening a Mint On Card, or Mint In Package My Little Pony.

Or, I'm guessing that's what it would feel like, as I've never had my paws on any MOC's.

This pattern may be from 1976, but it's brand new to me, and had never been cut out. Notice that the only lines near the edges are the seam allowance, as the pattern was only made in one size. Another thing I find interesting is that it has the prices in just South African rands, and Canadian dollars on the envolope. The publishing info shows that it was printed in Great Britain, and that Style Patterns had headquarters in both Scarborough and Johannesburg, as well as London.

While I know that this type of info might not be a revelation to those of you who work with vintage patterns, but I just thought I'd share.

Look at that; sewing geek and pony geek all in one!
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